Young Learners 2016-2017

young learners

Aquestes són les “Scary Stories” que els nostres Young Learners han escrit per les festes de Halloween.

De les cinc n’hi ha una que ha guanyat el premi de la Carbassa de Halloween després de les votacions dels propis alumnes. Sabeu quina és??


Once upon a time there was a house at the center of a forest, at night time all the animals go up and syatarted to kill all that they saw.
One day a boy left his house in the morning and he saw a lot of dead animals… He was so scared and he run straight home.
And… the next week he died.
SCARY teens


It was a public hollidy and one family were driving to their village. The two children were sitting in the back at the car.
When they were on the motorway everithing was find but in an instant the car  stoppd and all the lights turned off. The 2 parents looked for the children but… they were die. The two parents left the car and ran away! But in that instant the car came to live and ranover the two parents to kill them. And the car stayed ther to find another oportunity to kill someone.


Once upon a time there was a girl and this girl wanted to buy a doll. The check worker said to the girl: “if you don’t play with this doll, a very horrible thing will happend…”
The girl played with this doll for 1 week, but next Monday she didn’t play with her and the doll put her hands up. And the girl didn’t play with her for 9 days consecutive days … and the doll put 1 finger away for each day  she didn’t plays with her. And on the last day the doll killed her and said: “You didn’t play with me, a very horible thing happened.”
the scary chicken


Paco Rabane and Manola Sekonda go to a MCdonalds they order two hamburgers and two Coca-Colas. Manolita went to the toilet and she saw a big blue chicken and so she left. She explained that to Paco, they wanted to go out but they couldn’t open the door. They were very scared. The chicken opened the door and killed Paco and Manola with a gun.
People say if you see a blue chicken you can die…


Once upon a time, there were two siblings, a little boy called Jack and a little girl called Sally.
It was almost Christmas, so all the forest was covered with snow. The siblings went to build a snowman. When they finished their mom call them to have dinner.
When they finished, they went to palay with the snowman, but the snowman had desappeard.
The sister and the brother went to find it, but when the llittle girl turned back, she just saw the dead body of her brother and the snowman next to him.
snowman teens