9 Paraules de les més boniques en Anglès – Vocabulari

Cada idioma té el seu propi vocabulari i conjunt únic de paraules que sonen boniques o serveixen per capturar un bon sentiment o sensació. Quan estudiïs a Kelso School of English aprendràs una gran quantitat de vocabulari gràcies als nostres fantàstics professors nadius, però quan es tracta d’aprendre alguna cosa nova, no hi ha rés millor com el present! Ara per ara, hi ha al voltant de 1.025.109 paraules documentades en l’idioma Anglès – en el post d’avui, farem un bon cop d’ull a només 9 de les nostres paraules favorites, amb alguns exemples per mostrar com usar-los en una frase.

No tinguis vergonya, fes-les servir com més aviat millor, així no se t’oblidaràn i mica en mica, sense ni adonar-te’n, adquiriràs un vocabulari ric, divertit i curiós. Aquí te les deixem amb les seves definicions en anglès:


ETHEREAL (adj.) so light and delicate that it seems magical

Example: ‘Many people speak about the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights. I’d love to see them myself one day.’




MELANCHOLY ((n.) a feeling of thoughtful sadness, usually with no clear cause

Example: ‘I love listening to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata when it’s raining. The melody is sweet but full of melancholy.’



A photo by Lionello DelPiccolo. unsplash.com/photos/9i9RquPtXsg


INEFFABLE (adj.) too grand or great to be expressed in words

Example: The Grand desert of Sahara left me in an ineffable daze; the immense size and scale of the sight was unbelievable.’




MELLIFUOUS (adj.) a sweet, smooth sound that is pleasant to hear

Example: ‘The singer had a soft, mellifluous voice and performed her song beautifully.’



NEFARIOUS (adj.) wicked, criminal,SONY DSC villainous, or despicable

Example: ‘The man was stopped by police for speeding, but they soon discovered that he had committed far more nefarious crimes.’






OPULLENT (adj.) something lush or luxurious; rich

Example: ‘The Palace of Versailles is one of the most opulent historical buildings in France. I wish I could live there!’





SOLITUDE (n.) a state of isolation or being at peace alone

Example: ‘Some people need to socialise all the time, but I think it’s important to understand the value of solitude too.’





WANDERLUST (n.) a strong need or desire to travel

Example: ‘I watched Eat Pray Love with my mum yesterday, and now I’m experiencing strong wanderlust. I want to catch the next flight to Bali!’



CUDDLE (n.) a long hug, full of affection and/or love

Example: ‘One of my favourite things to do in winter is to watch a movie and cuddle my cat, whose name is Fluffy, on the sofa.’



Quina és la teva paraula preferida en Anglès? Posa-ho en un comentari i comparteix aquest post amb els teus amics!

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