Paraula de la setmana: Flabbergasted

Ampliar el vocabulari d’anglès, entre d’altres, ha de ser l’objectiu principal de les classes d’anglès.

Així doncs, a Kelso School of English volem regalar als nostres nostres alumnes i fidels una mica més de vocabulari. Cada 15 dies proposarem una paraula, en posarem la definició en anglès i alguns exemples!




informal overcome with asotnishment; amazed; astounded

graded adjective ;

if you say that you are flabbergasted, you are emphasizing that you are extremely surprised-> Everybody was flabbergasted when I announced I was going to emigrate to Australia.

Example sentences containing ‘Flabbergasted’ in literature

Dear Mr. Johns, I was utterly flabbergasted by your recente letter, with its outrageous suggestion that I had telephoned you ‘at home’. – Isabel Wolff Rescuing Roseo

One hundred and fourty-four flabbergasted hobbits sat back speechless. – J.R.R.Tolkien The Lord of the Rings

It would have been hard to judge who was the most flabbergasted by the situation in which we now found ourselves. – Susan Howatch Absolute truths

Synonyms: amazed, astonished, stunned, shocked blown away

Similar words: astonished, amazed, stunned, overcome, overwhelmed, staggered, astounded, dazed, confounded, disconcerted, speechless, bowled over (informal) gobsmacked (British) (slang), dumbfounded, nonplussed, lost for words, stuck dumb, abashed, rendered speechless

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